Various ways of getting gold

TOPUP- You can either spend real money or go to the offer wall where you can download various other free apps and get gold credits for that.

Conquering- other players will get you 10% of their winnings from fights. If a player wins 30 gold then you would get 3 gold for their win. If you have 4 players conquered that win 12 times a day then you could potentially get 144 gold a day. The problem with this method is that most people do not like giving up their gold so they try to fight back every chance they get and you can end up wasting valuable energy for a gain of nothing. If you are in a rush to level up then this method is usually not the best way of going about.

Smart Fighting- You only get gold when you win. Look at the persons pets, skills and stats. If they have all 3 of the best pets for their level and you don’t, then its like a 4 on one fight and you will be likely to lose.
If the person has some great skills (call friend, tornado, storm, stone spell, etc..) and you don’t, they will have a great advantage over you.
Knowledge is power when fighting an opponent. In the stat screen, you can clearly see their weapons, skills and stats. Some great things to look at is their AGL(Defense). This gives you a rough idea of what kind of armor they are wearing. One other stat that I love to look at is their WIN%. If their AGL is low, their STR is low, they don’t have any pets, have the call friend skill but have a high win rate (90+) then it can be a safe assumption that they have a small list of very powerful friends. The WIN% is a good tell tale sign about how their total set up is.
By fighting smart you can make a huge increase to you income of gold, not only by the winning reward but also you will get more treasure chests. There are plenty of items you get that aren’t needed that you could sell to add 90-2000 extra gold every day.
If you can get your WIN% over 90% then you can actually profit by purchasing an energy potion (others have noted minor losses when doing this. So consider it a risk and not a guarantee). It costs 300 for 8 energy. If you win 90% of battles from people that are your level then you will end up making 210 gold. On average you will get chests that have items worth a good profit. On average I make a profit and some times the profit is several hundred gold. Do not purchase pumpkins if you are more worried about getting gold then leveling faster. They are not cost efficiant because they are twice the cost of energy potions but they only give you 4 more energy. It is very hard to make a profit from these. While selling the good from treasure chests, NEVER sell pumpkins or energy potions. The price you get from selling them back is so little that you can make more money from fighting smart battles.

Contests- There are 2 different contests. There is arena which is you fighting solo. There is  battle of kingdom which is the people you conquered fighting other people that were conquered. For battle of kingdom you will have to have conquered 4 people to enroll.
Even if you know that you will lose in the very first battle, enroll every chance you can. Just for enrolling, you get gold and experience. For every round you win, you get even more gold and experience.

Quests- Do all quests, they are they easiest and quickest way to get gold and experience.

Excluding top up with these ideas you have some good earning potential.Lets use realistic numbers as opposed to their full potential to get an idea of what we could earn.
Conquering –  50 gold
Smart Fighting – playing once in the morning and once at night for a total of 36 energy points. Also using 2 energy potions a day gives you another 16 points. That’s a total of 56 battles x 30 Gold = 1680. We need to factor in your 90% win rate which drops your winnings to 1512 gold.
After selling your items from chests you can get around 300 gold.
You get a daily reward of 300 Gold
Contests just for enrolling you get 15 Gold from Arena and 25 Gold from Battle of Kingdom.

Thats a total of 2152 gold a day(not including quests). Keep in mind these numbers are all easily achievable by playing 2 times daily.

10 Responses to Various ways of getting gold

  1. Adrian says:

    did not know that
    there was a game guide

  2. rafael23 says:

    my user name is rafael23 i used my credit card to buy 10,000 points and the transaction when through but i never receive the gold, i email the creator but haven’t get an answer.what can i do?

  3. Timpan says:

    Is the maximum energy always gonna be 12? or did I miss something?

    Awesome site btw! :D

    • zxcvbrna says:

      As of now yes. I dont see any plans for them to change it because it makes them more money. Thanks for loving the site. Please let every one you know. Keep spreading the word =)

  4. Andrei says:

    Well, i think you’re wrong! Playing once in the morning = 12 energy points + 8 energy points from energy potion bought after you spend those 12 energy points => 20 energy points( ONCE IN THE MORNING), and once at night = 12 energy points + 8 energy points from energy potion bought after you spend those 12 energy points => 20 energy points(ONCE IN THE NIGHT), So playing 2 times daily once in the MORNING, once in the NIGHT, you’ll have 40 Energy Points, not 28 how you said.

    Another thing is that Conquering people you will spend 1 energy point for every person.
    And most players will rebel from you since they see that you’ve conquered them after their first battle of the day. So you will get like 7 gold instead 30/35 for that 1 energy point and 7/10 experience points if you fight with THAT ENERGY POINT.

    • zxcvbrna says:

      LOL sorry for the bad math, its been updated. As of right now on my level 29 character I have 4 conquered characters that have given me almost 1000 gold each. If you do your research then it can be done. Yes it is a gamble but if you find those with lower gear and in a guild that has weak members, it is a good chance that you can maintain them.

  5. timmlyy says:

    i tried your energy strategy and it brought me to a deficit of 9 even though i earned 35 each fight instead of 30 (won all my fights). it was my first time so i guess i was unlucky on the chests (got 2 chests. 10g and a log which i sold without knowing was only 1g lol). im at lvl 19 right now. i just wanted to confirm that im unlucky. because you never mentioned being in a deficit.

  6. TinToTheMax says:

    This is the real math:
    First i would skip the energy potions cuz 30×16=240g & the potions cost 600g for 2 potions, so skip tht.
    U dont rly hav to skip the conquering.
    The fights would be 30×36=1080 then put in a 90% win then its9 972g plus 50g from entering contests which is 1072 and finnaly add ur daily reward so ur final earnings is 1372!

    This total if exluding the potions, conquring and selling ur chests

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