There are 2 different auctions, guild auctions and public auctions. In both auctions once you bid, the gold is instantly taken out of your account. If some one else bids higher then you, your money is then returned.

Guild auctions are available to view in the guild screen. Guild auctions can only sell items that are in guild inventory (Items that were donated to the guild from other members or items from gem mines).Their base price for each item is pre-set in game. The guild leader has no option of what the starting price is for each item. The only people able to bid on the items are only members in the guild. Once the auction ends the gold is then placed into the guild inventory and can not be withdrawn by any one. The money can only go towards building more gem mines or guild towers.

Prices on items in guild auctions
Gold chest : 5500
Gold boots : 4500
Gold gloves : 2500
Gold helm :3500
Chrome helm : 2000
Knight armor : 3000
Dragon Slasher : 6000
Blue laser Sword : 6000
Purple crystal : 3500
Orange crystal : 3000
Blue crystal : 2500
Green crystal : 2000
Pet gems : 1500
Supreme Gold Boots : 11000
Supreme Gold Armor : 15000

Public auctions are view able through the shop screen. There is a small gavel icon at the bottom right.Public auctions only sell crystals that guilds have decided to auction to the public. These generally sell for more then guild auctions due to the fact that any one can bid on the crystals. Only guilds can auction these crystals and the money received goes into the guild inventory.

9 Responses to Auctions

  1. zZz go to sleep says:

    If u bid and are overbidded do u get your money back?

  2. mikeycullen says:

    How do I actually bid for anything? I click on the thing I want and it comes up with what I want to buy and who has bid for it etc, but no option to buy it…

    • zxcvbrna says:

      I have heard of this issue before, A fellow guild member wanted to bid on an item and they had just enough gold to bid but it would not allow them until they had a bit more gold for some reason. This could be a possible issue. If you are still having issues then I will post a walk through of how to bid on auctions

  3. ruthless clan says:

    How does a guild do a public auction?

    • zxcvbrna says:

      Only gems and crystals can go in public auction. When a guild leader/admin puts an item in auction, there is a public auction check box that needs to be checked for it to go to public auction.

  4. thehungergames says:

    When you bid on a guild only item, do you have to use your money or the guilds money. And when I had about 2100 gold for myself, I tried to buy a green crystal from the public auction house for 2000 gold but it didn’t work. Is that a bug? I would like to know the answer to those question. Please respond as soonas you can.


    • zxcvbrna says:

      I have heard of several people asking this same question. When you bid on a guild auction it comes out of your money. And some times it wont let you bid on an item unless you have a bit more then what you are trying to bid. Not sure why but I have heard from several people about this same issue.

    • loreinrulz10 says:

      it is because you have to big 1 thousand gold to buy it wich means you need 3000 gold to buy the crystal.
      hope this helped

  5. juliboi says:

    U have to use your gold to buy from auction. the reason y it didn’t work could be because the gold on the home display screen is to the nearest 100 so sometime u have to go to the shop to check Ur gold

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