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Welcome to the Avatar Fight Guide.

Avatar fight brings you exclusive information on the game. You can consider this a how to play, a cheat sheet of information or just simply an Avatar Fight guide. There is quite a bit to this game and we are adding bits every day. If there is something specific you want to know then ask it in the chat box to the left and we will move it up on the priority list. Enjoy =)

UPDATE* You can now play from your browser by clicking here.

What is Avatar Fight?:
Noob Guide:
How to get gold:
Advanced Blizzard Skill:
Avatar fight Easy Target List:
Agility Potion:
Bio Flamethrower:
Breaking Items:
Blizzard Skill:
Crystal Fusion:
Cocktail Potion:
Daily login bonus:
Energy Potion:
Forge Dragon Slasher:
Forge Knight armor:
Game Moderator:
Guild Donations:
Guild Land:
Guild Looting:
Guild Wars:
Health Potion:
Hell Ice Bow:
Ice Blade:
Iron, wood and stone:
Level-up Charts:
List of Gems:
Mines (Crystal, Gem, Stone, Wood, Iron):
Playing Avatar Fight on PC or Mac:
Play Avatar Fight online in kindle:
Poison Bow:
Sleepless Pill:
Speed Potion:
Strength Potion:
Super Sun Fire Bow:
Targeting Skill:
Treasure Chests:
User Interface – Friends:
User Interface – Guild:
User Interface – Main:
User Interface – Menu:



28 Responses to Avatar Fight Guide Index

  1. acil says:

    i cant see the word in my guild thats white background and the font was white too,how can 1 change it??

  2. MeneerWitte says:

    Where to download the manual?

  3. Andrei says:

    If anyone have any question, you can find me in the game with the name “Andrei.I”

  4. kirisuto says:

    Hey guys. After a bit of help. Recently sold a gem in public auction in my guild. That was four days ago and have not received any money into the guild. Any one had the same problem or know what to do about this?

  5. GreenMosquito says:

    Hey everyone , GreenMosquito was here .

    If you need any further assistance, feel free to PM me @ “GreenMosquito” in the game. I’ll be glad to assist you . I’m a daily player .

  6. orb says:

    hi there, how can i sell items in auction?

  7. jackyvang says:

    So I’m having this weird problem with declaring war against other guilds.. I declare it but it says the guild has less than 10 members when it shows they have 15 or more. Why does it show this or wont let me declare war?

  8. nastyt says:

    How to add members new to the game and I don’t know how to add people

  9. StereoMan says:

    I Want to traslate your page to spanish .I can?

  10. TinToTheMax says:

    Hey guys find me in the game im TinToTheMax1 in the game not TinToTheMax tht was my old account tht got hacked TinToTheMax1 is my new account plz join my guild flipout if ur lvl 25 or lower plz join our training guild BeastBallers. Flipout has around 35 members almost 4mines and average lvl of 23 and going up once we tell our lower lvls to join the training guild

  11. MysteryWalker97 says:

    Hey, I was wondering if I could join you in building this forum. Im good with photo editing.

  12. toni13 says:

    Hola soy nuevo y me gustaría saber como ganar dinero de una forma mas rápida o como subir de nivel mas rápido.
    También hay una cosa que no se, para que sirve kindom ??
    Un saludo :)

  13. loreinrulz10 says:

    hi. add me as friend called my $mexy bum. with the dollar sign thx

  14. carlitos_10 says:

    Hey im stuck, i have a rhino a triceratops and a green dragon, i have 15,000 gold what will you reccommend me to buy? Thanxx

  15. moezaz says:

    Nice website.
    Keep up the good work :)

  16. aviBill says:

    This is a great started for the basics! I wish I had access to this wben I started.
    I was wonderi.g id u could put some more about the Menu>League tab, it always makes it impossible to win into this list & the list seems to be a graveyard of unused avatars in the individual players part – mostly.

  17. aviBill says:

    Another mystery about leaques, in the league tab of a guild, enrolling here doesn’t seem directly correlated to the guild rank. In fact, the enroll & resulting rank seems a mystery where u see a fight result or two and u get ur rank- not same as guild. Can u shed some light on this part?

  18. jeereemb says:

    Salut les gens moi j’aimerai savoir comment on a le new skin celui qui ressemble a un rasta assez musclé svp
    et je suis aussi joignable tous les jours sur avatar ” jeereem’b”
    je peux repondre a toutes questions que vous avez aussi
    et ajouté moi amis si vous le voulais

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